"The Psychology And Implementation Of A Successful Online Business Strategy"

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Who Should Attend

This special invitation-only ONE-DAY conference is not for everyone. but will address the 21st century needs that your small business currently lacks. So, if you belong to the conventional, traditional and old-school ways in this fast changing world we live in...this is not for you!

Your valuable time will not be wasted if you are looking for proven methods to grow your business, attract more customers than ever before and, of course, increase your bank balance! If you have an existing small business, employ staff and have a monthly marketing budget then you have come to the right place!

Let me be very specific what kind of small business I can help. You will deal directly with the public, employ staff of your own and have a monthly marketing budget, for example, independent hotel or Bed & Breakfast owner, beauty salon owner, property professional, tradesperson,  internet professional, a High Street shop, medical service provider, restaurant owners, etc.

Together, we go to the very core of developing and marketing your business from the ground up! This is not just learning a few technical skills for building a website or social media sites. This may well be what you have come up against in the past:

  • You are a business owner feeling let down by the under-performance, i.e. ££££, of your existing online marketing
  • You lack the business and marketing experience in this area to make the critical decisions moving forward
  • You deal directly with the general public and are struggling to get new customers through your existing processes
  • You feel more like an employee of your own business with the added burden of all the added tasks that it entails
  • You are willing to embrace a different and proven method from the one that's currently not working for you

Can You Afford Not To Attend?

I actually practice what I preach, having developed and launched numerous products and services both online and offline, trained small business and property clients to use that innovative methods that I learnt the hard way!

It is one thing to talk theory about getting you to that mystical "next level" and something else to witness him as his life experience flows out of every word he utters. After spending one day with me you will no longer be dazed and confused about technical jargon while understanding the power of combining the marketing and technology in your business.

Let's examine what the outcome of you attending David Lee's Instant Internet Business One-Day Workshop:

  • Understand why your message to market is the most critical step in the marketing funnel
  • How you must think like your potential customer who is asking themself, "Why should I do business with you?"
  • Why your website design must be simple and engaging in order to keep people glued to your site
  • Fully understand the purpose, objectives and expectations of your online presence moving forward
  • Having a comprehensive step-by-step blueprint to building your list and creating ongoing and original content

Why Train With David Lee

When it comes to business, people judge you on your results, not your school or university grades. So often the general public are fooled into thinking that just because someone has a slick stage presentation that they are the "complete package" when it comes to business. WRONG!

As an independent, small business entrepreneur for the last 25 years, I have probably encountered more challenges than most. Why? Because the business ventures I have encountered have often been with implementing large-scale change to a doubting and sceptical market. Let me explain...

I will give you this invaluable piece of advice now.  Look at what everyone else in your industry in your industry is doing, and then do something different. Most people think, act, behave and speak like each other...and there's the clue!

If you want to be like everyone you are probably not an entrepreneur in the truest sense! You may as well just follow the herd and hope for a miracle to get you a different outcome!

Along with my colleague we developed business systems to bypass the default mortgage application system for buying and selling UK residential property. While most others were in a state of confusion, as outsiders from Australia we were simply looking at things from a different perspective and background from a local British mindset.

Not only did we break several hundred years of British convention as these systems took off nationally with the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, but I was using my online techniques to attract customer attention, promote our products and services and make lots of sales. Would that same experience therefore have considerable value for you looking to do the same thing?

When you succeed, people take notice. You attract in your life what you give out. Another colleague, Joel Bauer, took notice of how I had developed business and marketing systems that others could replicate when it came to the property systems. I agreed to train and help business owners develop a complete business solution from concept through to development and implementation.

This included a comprehensive 2-day immersion demonstrating product development, offline and online marketing using effective communication patterns, how to get into the media to promote your products and services. Several graduates have achieved outstanding and ongoing success.

As a direct result of witnessing business client frustrations when developing their web presence, I conceived a client service to answer their needs. Many small businesses owners either attempt burying themselves in the technology while losing focus on their core business activities, or become disillusioned by the lack of results when asking someone else do it all for them.

The problem that I see arise is finding someone with the diverse skills to implement an emotive and engaging message-to-market campaign with the technical knowledge to carry it out. The result is often a website and social sites that are bland, forgettable and that reads like someone's CV or résumé.

You will unearth so many online marketing fundamentals in my book, "The World's Leading Internet Marketers Secrets Revealed", co-written with Darren Stephens and David Cavanagh. Darren is a world renown marketer, having launched the career of Dr John Gray (Men Are From Mare Women Are From Venus), while David is recognised as a leading internet marketing coach.

The purpose of my one-day workshop is to dispel the technophobic concerns that many non-technical people face when it comes to their business. You don't need to bury yourself in the technology, but a working knowledge of it will have you feeling empowered when you understand how it can work for you.

When people like you implement what I demonstrate and get the same results that I descibe, it independently endorses my 25 years of of practical knowledge. This is how I have been able to accumulate so many video testimonials over the years. What a difference would it make to your business having so much proof to answer all those objections the general public would otherwise have about you!

Answering The Sceptics (Before/After)

I Shall Also Demystify And Demonstrate
How To Generate Leads And Income Online

No matter how well or badly your current online business presence is performing, you will pick up many "gold nuggets" of my proven methods that I have personally applied over the years. This workshop has been personally created by me for you to save you even more frustration and expense that you may have experienced in the past.

You may even wish to sack your website developer when you realise that it has been made unneccessarily complicated . I shall explain everything in simple English, have it make sense, and leave you wondering why technical people seem to go out of their way to speak a foreign "geek" language! This may well be a fresh start for you to appreciate and understand the entrepreneurs' view of effective business marketing.

  • Unlock the reasons why so many businesses (perhaps yours) fail the 8-second test during which vistors come and go forever
  • Realise what is the real cost of lost business from all the things you are doing wrong and not even aware of them
  • How to look at your online marketing presence though the eyes of your visitors
  • Evaluate your own business through other people's online performance both bad and good
  • How to get a simple and effective presence online quickly instead of taking forever, costing a fortune, making no money on a website forever being developed
  • How to systemise everything so that you do the minimum input for the maximum output
  • Knowing what repetitive tasks you can give to others to do at a fraction of the cost of you or your staff doing it
  • How you need only contribute 5% of the overall marketing effort to build your list of new prospective customers
  • What business alliances you should establish to help you grow your business exponentially
  • Implementing an automated sales funnel to warm up your audience to the point of purchase from you

How Much Time Have You Got To Figure
Out What You Must Have In Your Business?

You may even wish to sack your website developer when you realise that it has been made unneccessarily complicated . I shall explain everything in simple English, have it make sense, and leave you wondering why technical people seem to go out of their way to speak a foreign "geek" language! This may well be a fresh start for you to appreciate and understand the entrepreneurs' view of effective business marketing.

What I shall be sharing with you and demonstrating live will make a difference to your business well being, and therefore to the people depending on and expecting much of you to deliver for them. The methods I teach and the psychology behind them makes this much more than simply another internet marketing seminar!

  • They are powerful.
  • They will empower you.
  • They will give you competitive advantage.

In order to attend my next training day that I conduct to small groups only, you must meet my qualification criteria. I shall repeat that you 1) must have an existing business, 2) employ staff, and 3) have a monthly marketing budget. Please Contact Me if your small business meets my criteria. Your attendance is my decision and final. If accepted, you shall receive the bonus material preparatory video trainings in advance.

Best wishes,