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IMPORTANT: Attendees must run a small business to attend!

The Grange, Warwick Road, Ealing, West London
Saturday 20th January 2018 12:30pm - 5:00pm

Are You Looking For A Structured Approach To Growing Your Small Business?

Do You Need To Work On The Following?

  • Your education didn't include how to build, market and automate a business?
  • You feel like you are juggling many tasks and not being effective at what you do best?
  • Your target audience often wants a referral from friends or family before making a buying decision?
  • You lack knowledge about technology and how to market your business successfully online?
  • You are not effectively managing your own time or staff time by doing repetitive and unecessary tasks?
  • You bought a website that feels more like a business card that gets thrown in the bin?

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IMPORTANT: Attendees must run a small business to attend!

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IMPORTANT: Attendees must run a small business to attend!

Are You Wasting Time And Money Trying To Master Everything?

Why is it so much easier for us humans to advise others on things that are blatantly obvious, yet we can not see in ourselves with the same 20/20 vision? From my own first-hand experience and working with clients I have probably encountered most obstacles that are getting in your way right now! Would you like me to show you the failings I see so many small business owners make and how to turn things around quickly and inexpensively?

Watch the videos above and below! Both Adrian and Gemma thought they knew their businesses better than anyone else. They were both fixed in their minds about what they thought should be done. Yet, in very quick time, I opened their eyes to other opportunities and possibilties that they had never even considered!

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IMPORTANT: Attendees must run a small business to attend!

It's Time To See Your Business The Way Customers See It!

I don't know you or your business! But what I do know is that the many small businesses owners I come across see the world through their eyes and experience...and not that of their customers! They alienate people by talking in their own cryptic jargon. They inject more questions and uncertainty into the process the more they speak. They run around wasting time with one-on-one meetings that mostly ends up in, "I'll think about it."

Are you going to continue following a system that is failing you? Or would a few hours spent with me be more worthwhile to see the world differently? What have you got to lose? Here a summary of the main points that I shall discuss:

  • Unlock the reasons why so many businesses (perhaps yours) fail the 8-second test during which visitors come and go forever
  • Realise what is the real cost of lost business from all the things you are doing wrong and not even aware of them
  • How to look at your online marketing presence though the eyes of your visitors
  • Evaluate your own business through other people's online performance...both bad and good
  • How to get a simple and effective online presence quickly instead of taking forever, costing a fortune, making no money on a website forever being developed
  • How to systemise everything so that you do the minimum input for the maximum output
  • Knowing what repetitive tasks you can give to others to do at a fraction of the cost of you or your staff doing it
  • How you need only contribute 5% of the overall marketing effort to build your list of new prospective customers
  • What business alliances you should establish to help you grow your business exponentially
  • Implementing an automated sales funnel to warm up your audience to the point of purchase from you

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IMPORTANT: Attendees must run a small business to attend!

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IMPORTANT: Attendees must run a small business to attend!

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